SMM XP0 Manual Ignition Modules
Design Features Include:
  • Low cost.
  • Compact size using StateoftheArt technology.
    ( SM2+0, 1.50 x 1.90)(38.0mm x 47.9mm)
  • Expandable up to 8 outputs.
  • SnapIn mounting. Input 120VAC +10%/15%.
  • AC Input: .250 x 032 QD tabs.
  • Spark Output: .187 x .032 QD tabs.
  • Spark Rate: 4 V 6 Hz.
  • Spark Energy: 4mj into 50pfd load.
  • Temperature rating to 120XC.
  • Designed for Manufacturability.

  • The SMM XP0 Manual Module design is intended to provide reliable spark ignition for gas burner applications utilizing either Direct Spark or Flash-tube electrode setups. The design is based on State-of-the-Art technologies for both components and in manufacturing with consideration to meet RoHS compliance. Reduced size and low cost material offers a competitive opportunity in the White Goods market. The State-of-the-Art technology offers high production rate as
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